If a website is to be designed with functions, an application or a newsletter system with segmentation and tracking, my ears are sharp as in Spok ... An input mask that is not used? Because the button is too small? A form that goes to the bottom ... Trial and error!

What I do in the area of ​​User Interfaces and Experience

  • Designing Simulations (Prototyping) and Navigation Concepts
  • Search and Feasibility Analysis
  • Creative design principles for design & amp; Functions
  • Coordination and project management in the implementation process
  • Analysis of optimization systems
  • Development of concepts for download increase

Clickable model

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Application & User interface

  • applikation
  • buchungsprozesse
  • email-vorgang
  • eyetracking
  • ipi-app-view
  • kaiserbaeder-app
  • masken-ui
  • navigationsplan
  • newsletter-ab
  • swinemuende-app
  • usedom-app-adobe-xd
  • user-interfaces
  • userfuehrung

Simulation mit dem Werkzeug - Fluid-Ui

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"One thing successful is always a good concept ahead!"
Peter Grüneberg

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