Anyone who is interested in the topic of machine learning, also known as AI (artificial intelligence) or English. If you are interested in AI (Artificial Intelligence), you have to think about a complex world of different AI models and use cases.

Nowadays, every phone has a convolutional neural network (CNN or ConvNet), which scans all your images completely independently, almost as a matter of course, and evaluates/assigns all the structures of your image with TensorFlow. You are sorted into segments everywhere and usually get a score completely unconsciously if you are a heater or enabler.

Curse or blessing, it always depends.

The different use cases are visualized in the graphic.

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Key activities

Concept & planning

Development of CD - Styleguides
Development of usability concepts
Mobile Device Wireframing
Development of web concepts

Design & Creation

Webdesign for usability
Print design by accidents & periodicals
Design of brand concepts

Product development

Design of product lines
Production of digital production templates
Marketing strategies

Training & consultation

Customer Service Project & Support
Training in CMS Joomla
Training in Software & systems


Campaign Development
Accompaniment & postings


Promotional Activities & Strategy Development
Sales Channels & Media Definition
Corporate Design Implementation & planning

Optimization & analysis

On-page analysis & Optimization
Competitor Analysis & Keyword strategies
Relaunch under SEO aspects

Project management

Production support
Interface to development departments


Why the term synusia?

"Wikipedia refers to a Synusie or Synousia, a joint action with free exchange of knowledge. The term was coined in philosophy by Plato's Academy and is considered a preform of today's hacker ethics. "This principle is the basis of my work. The exchange of knowledge with people from all disciplines leads to a constructive development in projects, personally but also socially. We humans only carry us on if we help each other ...

"You are not just a single person, you belong to a whole."

Theodor Fontane


"One thing successful is always a good concept ahead!"
Peter Grüneberg

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