What does the word logo / signet mean? The word "logo" / "signet" comes from the Greek and means "which he / she / it designates" and is a combination of word, sign and graphics. From a logo one speaks when it comes in appearance with writing and signet. Because an icon is strictly a signet.

How does a logo work? Gestalt psychology proves that we humans best absorb simple basic forms. When is a logo successful? One rightly speaks in the logo design of a functioning logo. Small test: Describe the Mercedes-Benz logo in one sentence!

What types of designs

  • Designing, designing and finalizing digital data
  • Re-launch existing signet / logo
  • Construct 3D logo data
  • vectorizing logo files

Excerpt - Logo designs from my pen

  • inselbauer
  • ipi-ag
  • logo-2013-bbq-bulls
  • logo-2014-felicitas
  • logo-2015-schwede
  • logo-2016-gm
  • logo-2016-hanske
  • logo-2016-peenemuende-ev
  • logo-2016-zinnowitz
  • logo-2020-ux-urc
  • logo-burghotel
  • logo-diakonie
  • logo-rus
  • muehlenblick-benz

The presentation at the customer:

With this little trip, I introduced the new logo and took the decision makers on the intentional path of building the elements in the logo.

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"One thing successful is always a good concept ahead!"
Peter Grüneberg

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