The evaluation of key figures and the optimization of websites is in my blood. As an analytical person, I represent the scientific approach of verifiability of scientific assumptions. A thesis must be able to be occupied with numbers. Whether re-launching or redesigning the construction of an internet site must always begin with analysis.

As a media designer focusing on digital media, I've learned building websites from the ground up. This basis is a necessary prerequisite for successful and knowledgeable web projects in this area.

What do I do in Search Engine Optimization

  • Competitor Analysis by Key Figures, Keywords & amp; Design principles
  • Navigation concepts with focus on content, user view and route guidance
  • Keyword Plans by Ranking Potential and Search Volume
  • Creating website content and creating the navigation structure
  • On-Page Optimization of Meta Information and Markups (WDF * IDF)
  • Fixing technical crawl errors
  • Evaluation and development of improvements in the on-page area
  • Increasing Domain Popularity
  • Cross-media campaigns to increase traffic
  • Re-launch existing websites

Interresting pictures from the field SEO

  • a-b-testing
  • crossmedial
  • eyetracking
  • flugreisen
  • kurzreise-flug
  • markups-snippet
  • pappfigur-universal-search
  • pauschalreise
  • plattendruck-markup
  • reisen-flug-keyword
  • reisen-flug
  • seo-erfolg
  • seo

I use: Google (Trend, Webmastertools, Analytics u.v.m.) for my daily work.

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"One thing successful is always a good concept ahead!"
Peter Grüneberg

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